Leicester rob Rafa’s Toon

Lucky Leicester are media title darlings after victory over Newcastle.

Snapshot Wk 30.

Wednesday, March 16.

Leicester City are everybody’s title favourites in real life – especially when it comes to the drooling national media.

Barely a squeak  all week about skipper Wes Morgan’s seemingly deliberate handball in the 82nd minute against Newcastle United that referee Craig Pawson chose to ignore.

Yet Jamie Carragher, having been prompted by Monday Night Football’s special guest pundit Ronald Koeman, the Southampton manager, did admit Morgan and table-topping Leicester had escaped – yet again!

In the HPL, using TV replays to address the wrongs and confirm the rights, Claudio Ranieri’s men drop two points. Once more, lucky Leicester have eight points too many in the official Premier League world as our latest Week 30 Matchday section reveals.

How do we know the handball is deliberate? Well, you have a look at these two pieces of photographic evidence.


The first shows Morgan a split second before the alleged infringement. He is looking straight at the ball. He is aware that Sissoko’s fierce drive is on target.


In the next shot, though, when it strikes his arm it would appear he has no idea where the ball is going. His head is turned the wrong way. Only we know different and that the cunning Fox is totally across the shot’s potentially deadly direction. 

Penalty! A point apiece.

Oh, and as for the arrival of Rafa Benitez into the St James’ Park hotseat, it fails to spark any change in the Toon’s misfortunesHP

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