Fear and loathing rising


Snapshot Week 2.

August 17, 2015.

After a quiet opening weekend in terms of The HPL, all hell breaks loose as four out of the ten Premier League results need re-arranging. Bang goes the idea that referees are pretty much perfect in the early weeks and only start making bad calls when the public scrutiny and pressure takes a grip and spirals out of control.

That said, the pressure these days on the boys with whistle in mouth is at full-on fever pitch from the first blow of the season, with the deep red glare of the watching world football family firmly focussed on these tiny shores.

There is certainly much to rewind, replay and review in minute detail in Week 2 even though the officials have barely worn in their new boots and shiny kits.

Enduring sleepless nights while fretting over howlers should come later in the campaign. However, the heat is already being cranked right up.

Refs need help. Elite football, and especially our Premier League, is way too fast for the human eye. Come on!  HP


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