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Klopp, Manuel, Macca in snow storm.

HPL result is shown in brackets, with official real-life score first.

Games with an HPL scoreline change in red.

Week 21

Tuesday, January 12

Aston Villa 1-0 Crystal Palace (1-0) Referee: Mark Clattenburg

Bournemouth 1-3 West Ham (1-3) Referee: Martin Atkinson
Atko ignores Cherries late penalty claims for a handball, rightly so.

Newcastle 3-3 Manchester Utd (4-3) Referee: Mike Dean
During first half Dean is trending on Twitter over two major penalty calls. The first he gives to Manchester Utd for handball. The second he rejected for Newcastle, feeling Janmaat was not tripped by Lingard. In wades BT Sport TV ref Howard Webb to calm the social media storm, which is being further fuelled by TalkSPORT’s Mark Saggers claiming the handball decision is one of the worst howlers this season. Webb, though, decrees it is handball, that Mbemba’s arm is in an unnatural position, and deliberately so to block Fellaini’s header. Dean 1 Saggers 0! Regards the Magpies’ appeal for one of their own, Webb rules it SHOULD have been a penalty, making it 4-3 HPL victory to Steve McClaren’s men, who are awarded a penalty after half-time, for Smalling hauling down Mitrovic. Webb also points to the spot here, as do the entire BT punditry team of Rio, Scholes and Jenas. Unfairly, Dean is not trending at the final whistle, though this indicates he’s actually had one of his better games. This helps him not  48 hours later when Mick Quinn rips into him  for being  too matey with Rooney in the tunnel ahead of kick-off.

Wednesday, January 13

Chelsea 2-2 West Brom (2-2) Referee: Anthony Taylor
Slaughtered by Durham for failing to send off Yacob for second bookable offence. ‘Disgraceful refereeing,’ says radio’s most divisive sports presenter. Can’t argue with him! Hiddink later reveals that when he said to fourth official Jonathan Moss that Taylor is the worst referee in the Premier League, he responded: “You haven’t seen me yet!”.

Liverpool 3-3 Arsenal (3-2) Referee: Mike Jones
Should Arsenal’s opener have stood? No. A TV ref would be yelling in Jones’ ear: ‘Stop the play. Head clash!’ when Giroud band Sakho collide – 11 seconds before Ramsey equalises. HPL intervenes here, on the request of Quinn and Durham – which is a first! 

Manchester City 0-0 Everton (1-0) Referee: Roger East
Yes, it’s a penalty at end when Stones slides in on Sterling. It’s called momentum and it’s a foul. Pellegrini says: “It was a penalty. It was so clear. It’s unbelievable. But that’s one action in 90 minutes and I am not speaking about that.” Er..,you just did.

Southampton 2-0 Watford (2-0) Referee: Craig Pawson

Stoke City 2-1 Norwich City (2-1) Referee: Neil Swarbrick
O’Neill’s sending off – well, it wasn’t clever and smacked of angry man. When the former Portsmouth midfielder began his more than decent career, he would have been unlucky to get a yellow for his sliding, scissor tackle from behind. How the times change. With his experience, he should know better.

Swansea 2-4 Sunderland (1-3) Referee: Graham Scott
Surely Defoe is offside for his and Sunderland’s first and surely Ayew trips himself more than Brown does for the Swansea equaliser. So 0-0 still. The Naughton red card is utterly ridiculous proving that Scott is now out of his depth and suffering a serious meltdown in the middle. The next goals for each team are fine, it’s now 1-1. Keeping up? Luckily the linesman is, for Sunderland, as he allows Defoe to score twice in second-half rather than flagging offside. Both times he is proved right by the finest of margins. So that makes it 3-1 to the Black Cats in a game thrown into mayhem by that sending off. One must think Premier League rookie Scott, a late replacement for Andre Marriner and only officiating his fourth game at this level, will not be seen around for a while.

Tottenham 0-1 Leicester City (0-1) Referee: Lee Mason

Week 22

Toffees Robbed at the Bridge.

Saturday, January 17

Aston Villa 1-1 Leicester City (1-1) Referee: Roger East
Most in the press zone feel Leicester penalty – missed again by Mahrez – is harsh given the pace of shot that thumps against Cissokho arm. This is where the handball surely rule needs amending. If, as is the case with Mahrez’s drive, the ball is going in the net but prevented by a defender’s hand or arm then it must be a penalty – deliberate or not. Anywhere else in the area, though, only intentional use of hand should be penalised. #justsaying. In the second half, all media men agree Villa should have a penalty as Huth’s arm smashes into Kozak’s face. Garde says: “It was a clear.” But Ranieri counters by claiming Gestede handballs before scoring Villa 75th-minute equaliser. Over to Match of the Day, only its guest pundit David Moyes hurls a spanner into the works by declaring: Leicester’s isn’t a penalty. Nor is Huth’s arm into  Kozak. And, for good measure, neither should Villa’s goal stand  ‘because he gains an advantage’ before the Scot wrecks that last point by adding ‘it is not intentional’. Under current rules that means, ‘play on’, David. So doesn’t count as an infringement. Unfortunately, Jermain Jenas refuses to add to the debate.

Bournemouth 3-0 Norwich (3-0) Referee: Robert Madley
Madley has to send of Rudd for flying hacking foul on Cherries hitman but fails miserably to fulfil his duties.

Chelsea 3-3 Everton (2-3) Referee: Mike Jones
Oh dear, Mr Jones (again) and his linesman mess up in the 98th minute, allowing Terry’s equaliser despite the Chelsea skipper being offside. With a quick flick of a replay switch this mistake would be eradicated, the goal wiped from the records and Everton’s wild 70 seconds of celebration not have looked so awkwardly premature.

Manchester City 4-0 Crystal Palace (4-0) Referee: Jonathan Moss
The ref with the sense of humour – well at least Hiddink finds him funny – did well not to collapse in hysterical laughter himself when having to caution Palace’s Chamakh for a truly hopeless dive.

Newcastle 2-1 West Ham (2-1) Referee: Neil Swarbrick

Southampton 3-0 West Brom (3-0) Referee: Martin Atkinson
Atkinson refuses to award a penalty when Gardner is kicked by Ward-Prowse. He misses the foul but it’s outside box. Later, the referee is forced to finally break his duck at the other end after McAuley takes down the same Ward-Prowse.

Tottenham 4-1 Sunderland (4-1) Referee: Mike Dean

Sunday, January 17

Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United (0-1) Referee: Mark Clattenburg

Stoke City 0-0 Arsenal (0-0) Referee: Craig Pawson
Well Jamie C and P Schmeichel were at loggerheads over the Walcott penalty claim. Not sure which way as I missed the dispute. For HPL it is a foul but with one expert in favour and the other not, we go to Dermot Gallagher on Sky Sports News HQ for final vote and he says: ‘No penalty as the infringement is outside the area.’ The fact Walcott has foot clipped inside the area is unintentional…apparently. So no defeat for Stoke despite the appalling ‘he’s got a limp’ chants at Ramsey. I will stop here before I really slag off the scum.

Monday, January 18

Swansea 1-0 Watford (1-0) Referee: Michael Oliver

HPL Table Week 22

Pos Club Pl W D L GF GA GD Pts PL (Pts)
1 Manchester City 22 14 3 5 43 21 22 45 3rd(43)
2 Arsenal 22 14 2 6 39 22 17 44 1st(44)
3 Leicester City 22 9 11 2 37 30 7 38 2nd(44)
4 Tottenham 22 9 10 3 35 17 18 37 4th(39)
5 West Ham United 22 10 7 5 35 26 9 37 6th(35)
6 Manchester United 22 9 7 6 28 23 5 34 5th(37)
7 Everton 22 7 10 5 39 31 8 31 11th(29)
8 Southampton 22 7 10 5 31 25 6 31 10th(30)
9 Watford 22 8 6 8 24 24 0 30 12th(29)
10 Crystal Palace 22 8 6 8 22 24 -2 30 8th(31)
11 Liverpool 22 8 5 9 25 29 -4 29 9th(31)
12 Chelsea 22 7 6 9 34 35 -1 27 14th(25)
13 Stoke City 22 6 9 7 21 24 -3 27 7th(33)
14 Norwich City 22 7 5 10 29 36 -7 26 16th(23)
15 West Brom 22 5 10 7 23 31 -8 25 13th(27)
16 Bournemouth 22 7 4 11 28 40 -12 25 15th(24)
17 Newcastle United 22 6 6 10 26 40 -14 24 18th(21)
18 Sunderland 22 6 4 12 28 43 -15 22 19th(18)
19 Swansea City 22 5 5 12 21 29 -8 20 17th(22)
20 Aston Villa 22 2 6 14 18 40 -22 12 20th(12)

Snapshot Wk 23 Martinez After Instant Karma


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